This installation covers the mechanical and automation system installation of our Generation 1(G1 & G1D) automation systems.  The G1 controller contains a 1 motor drive board for single motor systems used on one-way, and single motor bi-part door installations.  The G1D controller contains 2 motor drive boards for use on dual motor bi-part and 90 degree installations.

A Step by step programming guide for the G1 v4021 (current) controller is also available below.



G1 or G1D Controller
G1 v4021 Programming.pdfShort step-by-step programming guide for the G1x controller
G1x PLC Field Replacement Procedure.pdfHow to replace the Idec PLC in the field.  
G1 Mechanical Installation Instructions.pdfFull mechanical installation instructions for any Gx controller.
G1 Automation Installation Instructions.pdfFull electrical install manual for the G1x controller
G1D Programming Without IDEC Counter.pdfShort guide on how to determine & fix encoder polarity issues when you do not have an IDEC LCD module.  This document applies to both the G1 (single motor) and G1D (dual motor).  Just ignore door #