The G3 controller has gone through several firmware iterations as features & functionality were updated as well as 2 hardware releases.  The list below summarizes each release, the release date and the supported G3 hardware.  The current hardware platform is the K12 which replaced the discontinued K02.  The K02 is still supported, but no longer in production in favor of the K12.

Determining the installed firmware version requires a wired or wireless CLI connection.  Every G3 is capable of displaying its firmware revision using the CLI command "ver".  The firmware version is also displayed on first boot on the CLI.  The version command does not require a password.  

With the release of firmware v0.7.2, the external LED display on the G3 have been changed allowing the firmware version to be confirmed without CLI access.

RevisionRelease DateK12K02SummaryLED's On Power
0.7.2Mar 11, 2021Y
TLE Mitigation release added configuration and command options to quickly configure the controller to avoid TLE errors.
0.7.1Aug 26,2020Y
Default parameter update to the 0.7.0 release
0.7.0Aug 21, 2020Y
"Special Features" release supporting Party Mode, Egress, One Button Operation, & Move Assist
0.6.7Dec 3. 2019Y
Initial release supports basic door operations only.  K02 & K12 versions are functionally identical.
0.5.91Dec 3. 2019
K12 firmware can be factory updated.  Contact INMOTION service for more information.

G3 Hardware can be determined indirectly by the installed firmware as there was only one K02 hardware release.  The hardware can also be determined by the Serial Number sticker located on the back of the unit.  If the Serial Number sticker does not contain the text "K12" then it is a "K02".  The hardware revision is also displayed on power up in CLI or by issuing a CLI "ver" command.

HardwareSN StickerCLI Version Display
K12 (current production)
K02 (discontinued)
K02 controller cannot be upgraded to a K12.

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