"Special Features" release for systems purchased between 

Aug 21, 2020 and Aug 22, 2022

The previous release support page is here

G3 Version Identification:

  • Check the version from the CLI with the command "ver" or 'v'
    • If the result shows "v0.6.7" then its the original release.  Support site is at this link.
    • If the result shows "v0.7.0" or greater, this is the correct support page.
    • If the result shows "v0.7.5" your controller is a Single/Dual and the support page is here.
  • If the unit is programmed already and you cannot access the CLI.  
    • With power on & the door closed, Press and hold "Open" + "Close" for about 3-4 seconds.
      • If you hear the motor click, the controller has the "Special Features" firmware or later.
      • If you DO NOT hear a motor click, then you have the previous release 0.6.7 and should refer to this page.

If the G3 system you are working on was purchased before Aug 21, 2020 this web page is not for you.  Please refer this page for the proper support information for your revision of the G3 Controller

This installation covers the automation system installation of our Generation 3 automation system.  The G3 controller can be used on single motor one-way and bi-part installations.  The controller supports wireless accessories with its built in receiver as well as wired components with an optional RS485 "Wired" adapter.  

The G3 controller offers advanced configuration options with an optional USB terminal cable and when purchased with a RS485 "Wired" Adapter, the advanced configuration can be accessed using Bluetooth and a supported smart phone or tablet.

The controller is mounted within 6 feet of the controller using the included cable and is UL (E487592) & FCC (Unique ID: DPH 531, DPH 532) approved for residential installation.


"Special Features" Firmware v0.7.0 Released Aug 21, 2020
The latest firmware is now shipping for G3 K12 Controllers. The release includes new features for customers, enhanced Soft Touch and a built in Cycle Tester for dealers, beta testers and installers. This firmware supports all K12 based G3's shipped to date so it supports early K12's still running v0.6.7 firmware.
Customer Features
Improved Soft Touch
Cycle Tester
  • Entertainment Mode
  • Close Behind Mode
  • Simplicity Mode
  • Motion Assist Mode
  • Wall Switch Feature Enable
  • Delayed Brake on Close / Feat
  • Delayed Auto Close / Feat
  • Infinite Span Adjust / Feat
  • Independent Feature Spans
  • Improved Password Security
  • Feature Restore on Power Fail
  • Closing Force Reduced 35% over previous release
  • Partial Move Force Reduced 50%
  • Improved Panel Pickup
  • New CLI Adjustment Parameters
  • Profile Resolution Increased 3x

  • Programmable Count from 1 - 1,000,000 Cycles
  • Records Open & Close Friction & Motion Faults
  • Dynamic Completion Estimations
  • Safety Stop on Excessive Faults
  • Auto Cycle After Programming
  • CLI & Wall Switch Pause & Resume
  • Test Panel Travel (in, ft & Miles)
Installation Improvements

G3 vs G2 vs G1

(Compare Feature Set)

Installation Improvements

  • Step-by-Step CLI Programming 
  • System Lock Until Programmed
  • Reports Optimized for BLE CLI
  • New System Info Report
  • Hard Close Improved for Improved Jam Entry

  • Global Brake Disable
  • Programming Procedure Same as v0.6.7 Release
  • Optimized Parameters for Smoother Panel Pickups
  • Expanded CLI Shortcuts for Rapid Command Executions

The G3 System

RS485 "Wired" Adapter with Bluetooth RadioSeries 500 Motor
*Generation 3 Controller
RS485 "Wired" Adapter
Series 500 Motor
900 MHz Wireless Wall Switch (Black)900 MHz Wireless Wall Switch (White)900 MHz Motion Detector (White, Black Available)900 MHz  Remote ControlWired Motion Detector (White, Black Available)Wired Wall Switch (White)Wired Wall Switch (Black)Capacitive "Soft-Touch" Wired Wall Switch (Black)Capacitive "Soft-Touch" Wired Wall Switch (White) 
900 MHz Wireless Wall Switches, Motion Detectors and RemotesWired Motion Detectors and Wall SwitchesCapacitive Touch Wired Wall Switches

Documentation for the "Special Features" K12 Release

* For the latest G3 Installation manual covering the v0.7.0 Special Features please download the Automation Installation Guide, "G3 Automation Installation Instructions_(v070).pdf" below.  A 2 page "quick" installation guide, updated for the new release is also available with, "G3 Programming_(v070).pdf"

The G3 controller, when paired with the RS485 Wired Adapter, supports all home automation controllers that utilize dry-contact relay closures.  Refer to the "G3 Home Automation Wiring.pdf" document below for more information.

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