Tech Briefs are short single topic G3 controller documents that discuss features, work-around procedures, or configuration options in more detail than the installation guide.  Most Tech Briefs are comprised of a select number of pages from a master document called "G3 Advanced Programming Guide" so you will find the page numbers in the Tech Briefs appear to skip pages or be out of order.

Advanced Programming Guide
  • This is the comprehensive guide to all the configuration options the G3 has to offer.
  • Contains all the Technical Briefs below in 1 document
  • Documents all config and help commands 
    (Not updated for Dual G3) 

TLE Mitigation for all G3 firmware releases
  • Seeing "TLE" messages on the CLI, STOP and read this
  • For "High Friction Installations" or heavy pull installs
G3 Troubleshooting
  • Failures during programming
  • Open & Close position drift
G3 Controller Programming
  • Initiate programming from the CLI or wallswitch
  • Special Features CLI programming
G3 Special Features
  • Party Mode, Egress, One-Button Operation/ADA & Move Assist
  • CLI Special Feature options
Lifestyle Modes PDF For Home Owners (Special Features)
This document includes instructions for the home owner on how to enable the G3's Lifestyle Modes/Features from a standard wall switch.
  • Party Mode = Entertainment Mode
  • Egress = Close Behind Mode
  • One-Button Operation/ADA = Simplicity Mode
  • Move Assist = Motion Assist Mode

Soft Touch Tuning
  • Addressing over-current conditions, fpce & fpthr
  • Conforming to UL325
Pulley Diameter Calculation
  • Using non-OEM motor drive pulleys
  • Calculating & Setting a non-OEM pulley diameter
Installation Scenarios
  • Settings to prevent customer "lock out" conditions
  • Setting sub-spans per feature
IOS BLE (Bluetooth terminal for IOS using BLE)
  • Serial BLE App setup & configuration for IOS
  • Using BLE on IOS
Android BLE & USB UART
  • Serial BLE App setup and configuration for Android
  • Serial USB UART setup for Android and PC's
Info Report
  • Line by line breakdown of the CLI "Info" report
  • Understanding "activated on close" CLI features & modifiers
CLI Commands
  • Complete guide to all "config" commands
Help Commands
  • Complete guide to all "Help" commands
Cycle Testing
  • Activating the built in G3 cycle tester
  • Understanding the cycle test report