Tech Briefs are short single topic G3 controller documents that discuss features, work-around procedures, or configuration options in more detail than the installation guide.  Most Tech Briefs are comprised of a select number of pages from a master document called "G3 Advanced Programming Guide" so you will find the page numbers in the Tech Briefs appear to skip pages or be out of order.

TLE Mitigation for all G3 firmware releases
  • Seeing "TLE" messages on the CLI, STOP and read this
  • For "High Friction Installations" or heavy pull installs
G3 Troubleshooting
  • Failures during programming
  • Open & Close position drift
G3 Controller Programming
  • Initiate programming from the CLI or wallswitch
  • Special Features CLI programming
G3 Special Features
  • Party Mode, Egress, One-Button Operation & Move Assist
  • CLI Special Feature options
Soft Touch Tuning
  • Addressing over-current conditions, fpce & fpthr
  • Conforming to UL325
Pulley Diameter Calculation
  • Using non-OEM motor drive pulleys
  • Calculating & Setting a non-OEM pulley diameter
Installation Scenarios
  • Settings to prevent customer "lock out" conditions
  • Setting sub-spans per feature
IOS BLE (Bluetooth terminal for IOS using BLE)
  • Serial BLE App setup & configuration for IOS
  • Using BLE on IOS
Android BLE & USB UART
  • Serial BLE App setup and configuration for Android
  • Serial USB UART setup for Android and PC's
Info Report
  • Line by line breakdown of the CLI "Info" report
  • Understanding "activated on close" CLI features & modifiers
CLI Commands
  • Complete guide to all "config" commands
Help Commands
  • Complete guide to all "Help" commands
Cycle Testing
  • Activating the built in G3 cycle tester
  • Understanding the cycle test report