This controller has been discontinued and cannot be repaired since most of the primary electronic components are no longer available.  As the title implies, these controller use a 230V AC motor instead of the 24VDC motors we use today, so be very careful when checking the motor wiring on these units.  

Available G0 "AC Yaskawa" controller documents are below.



G1 or G1D Controller

AC Motor with Yaskawa Drive Install Manual 11-14-06.pdfFull programming guide.  This guide documents the entire installation process including programming of the MicroSmart PLC and the Yaskawa drive.  In the back of the manual there is a handy troubleshooting table.
G0 Yaskawa Programming.pdfQuick programming guide for the Yaskawa based controller system.  This single page guide documents the basic programming steps and provides some information about the two PLC Txxx registers available to the installer.