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Optex OS-12CT
Optional Optex Sensors (2nd Set)
Optex OS-12C


This article supports Optex OS-12CT controller and should not be used for discontinued Optex OS-12C controller.  The discontinued OS-12C controller is fully documented in the INMOTION controller installation guides located here.

The Optex OS-12CT is an optional safety component that replaces the standard motion detector available in our controller kits.  It consists of an Optex controller and 1 or 2 sets of IR Emitter/Receivers.  A single Optex controller can support an opening up to 32 feet long.  Adding a second emitter/receiver pair, the controller can protect dual 32 foot long openings.

Unlike the Optex OS-12C controller, the new OS-12CT controller is wired exactly the same for both the G1x and G2 INMOTION controllers.  The OS-12CT does however need to be programmed after installation to properly support the G1x and G2 controllers using the procedure outlined here.


Note: The Optex controller can also be wired through the motor Break-Out-Board which is not shown in this diagram.  Please refer to the full "G1 & G1D Installation with 500 series motor" installation guide for more information.