Any home automation system that supports dry-contact relay outputs can be attached to our controllers.  Our G1 and G1D controllers have a dedicated home automation header clearly labeled inside the controller cabinet.  Our G2 & G3 systems, due to its compact side does not have a dedicated home automation header.  For attachment, home automation systems are wired directly into the wall switch circuit using the same flat wire provided with wired accessories in the case of the G2.  For the G3, the home automation connects to one of 3 ports on the RS485 adapter OR to a spare wired wall switch port.

Both controller series support the same command activation method.  For any given command, Open, Close, Stop or Unlock, the home automation relay is activated for 1 second then released.  The command consists of a 1 second, 24VDC pulse on the required command wire.  The home automation controller relay board should utilize the 24VDC and reference ground provided by the INMOTION controller's RJ45 port.

The home automation connection to the INMOTION controller should utilize 26/8 flat telephone cable. for the G1/G2 controllers.  Avoid using network "CAT" cables for the G1 and G2.  The G3 controller can use either 26/8 telephone cable OR network "CAT3-6" cables.

G1x Controller's Home Automation Connection

G2 Controller's Home Automation Connection

G3 Controller's Home Automation Connection

Note:  A home automation system can execute a "wall switch reset" by activating the STOP & UNLOCK relays simultaneously for 10 seconds (G1) or 15 seconds (G1D).  G1x RESET Info
Note:  To "reset" a G2 controller, close the door and activate the CLOSE relay for 1 second.  G2 RESET Info
Home automation connections require the RS485 Adapter.
G1 Controller "Dry Contact" Relay Rating:  18mA @ 24VDC
G2 Controller "Dry Contact" Relay Rating:  25mA @ 24VDC
G3 Controller "Dry Contact" Relay Rating:  25mA @ 24VDC