1.  Download the desired firmware to "C:\LCD_Prg\firmware"

     TIP:  In "Chrome" right click on the firmware below and select "Save Link As.." to choose the destination folder.

2.  Run the "LCD_Prg" script and follow the prompts.

NOTE:  If you need to flash the firmware a second time, you must reboot the LCD by disconnecting ORANGE data cable then reconnecting it.

Original firmware.  Basic Open, Stop, Close & Release buttons with LCD Brightness slider (invisible) above our logo.
Firmware v1.271(4.3" LCD)
Firmware v1.271.  Supports the Simple UI(above) and a Full UI.  Additional features:  Egress, Hold4Op, Confirm Open/Close and an Options screen.
Tip:  Check the firmware version by pressing the INMOTION logo on the main home screen.  The UI is also unified with the smaller 2.8" version of the LCD.
Firmware v1.272(4.3"LCD)
Firmware v1.272 (latest for the 4.3" LCD).  Same as 1.271 but with the Caldwell logo.
Firmware v1.271(2.8" LCD)
Firmware v1.271 (latest) for 2.8" LCD.
v1.271 Instructions and info detailing rotary switch settings for various user interface options.