INMOTION Automation Systems

"Special Features" Firmware v0.7.0 Released Aug 21, 2020
The latest firmware is now shipping for G3 K12 Controllers. The release includes new features for customers, enhanced Soft Touch and a built in Cycle Tester for dealers, beta testers and installers. This firmware supports all K12 based G3's shipped to date so it supports early K12's still running v0.6.7 firmware.

Customer FeaturesImproved Soft TouchCycle Tester
  • Entertainment Mode
  • Close Behind Mode
  • Simplicity Mode
  • Motion Assist Mode
  • Wall Switch Feature Enable
  • Delayed Brake on Close / Feat
  • Delayed Auto Close / Feat
  • Infinite Span Adjust / Feat
  • Independent Feature Spans
  • Improved Password Security
  • Feature Restore on Power Fail
  • Closing Force Reduced 35% over previous release
  • Partial Move Force Reduced 50%
  • Improved Panel Pickup
  • New CLI Adjustment Parameters
  • Profile Resolution Increased 3x

  • Programmable Count from 1 - 1,000,000 Cycles
  • Records Open & Close Friction & Motion Faults
  • Dynamic Completion Estimations
  • Safety Stop on Excessive Faults
  • Auto Cycle After Programming
  • CLI & Wall Switch Pause & Resume
  • Test Panel Travel (in, ft & Miles)

Installation Improvements

  • Step-by-Step CLI Programming 
  • System Lock Until Programmed
  • Reports Optimized for BLE CLI
  • New System Info Report
  • Hard Close Improved for Improved Jam Entry
  • Global Brake Disable
  • Programming Procedure Same as v0.6.7 Release
  • Optimized Parameters for Smoother Panel Pickups
  • Expanded CLI Shortcuts for Rapid Command Executions

  • Improved Support for non-OEM Motor Pulleys
  • CLI Messages Reduced for a Cleaner UI on Smart Devices
  • New Factory Wipe Reset
  • Extensive CLI Feature Options for Custom Installations