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Break Out Board
500 Series Motor Encoder 20K0049


The break out board (BOB) is attached to the 500 and 200 series motors and is used for both the G1x and G2 controllers.  The current revision has 5 LED's which indicate which circuits are active and are very useful when troubleshooting a system.  Older BOB's may not have LED's or look completely different.

The BOB board mounts to either side of the motor frame.  If for some reason the board is cramped in its current position, it can be moved to the other side of the motor mount.  If you need to do this, turn the controller off, disconnect the brake, clutch and encoder cables from the board.  Then move the board to the other side and reconnect the wires.  The polarity on the brake and clutch wires do not matter, but DOUBLE check the encoder wire to the motor actually goes to either the "ENC A-B (J8)" or "ENC B-A (J9) RJ45's.  For the G1x controller make sure the encoder cable is plugged into "Encoder (J3)" RJ45.  Also verify the Clutch/Brake flat wire is attached to the J5 "CTCH/BRK" RJ45 connector.

Do not leave the BOB board unattached from the motor housing with power applied.  If the back side contacts the motor house it may short out and damage the board, controller any other attached devices.

DOUBLE check your wiring at the BOB & at the controller before power up!

The G2 controller also uses the BOB board but with fewer wires because the Clutch, Brake, Motor and Encoder cables are all connected to the controller via a 1 x 10 connector labeled "PN561 / J2".  Although this makes installation easier due to fewer wires, it also makes it easy to destroy your encoder!  If you detach the RJ45 coming from the motor's encoder to the "A-B ENC" or "A-B ENC" RJ45's make sure you NEVER connect the encoder to the "CTCH/BRK J5" RJ45 connector Doing so with power on, even for a moment, will instantly destroy the encoder.

LED Color
Motor Power
On when power is applied to the motor.  When the door moving via the motor this LED should be lit.
Clutch Power
The clutch is engage when the motor is commanded to move the door.  If the motor is turning, and this LED is NOT lit, the clutch is not engaged and the door will not move.  Check the Clutch/Brake cable from the controller and/or the 2 pin clutch connector J7 on the BOB.
Brake (magnetic)
The brake is activated when ever the door is closed and in the jam.  It may also be activated via the UNLOCK button on the keypad when the door is any position.  The brake should not be engaged while the motor is trying to move the door.  If the user does not want the door magnetically held at the jam, the wires on the BOB's Brake connector can be removed without affecting the rest of the door's functionality.
Encoder Channel
The Green & Yellow LED's flash to indicate encoder signals are being sent to the controller.  These signals allow the motor to determine the exact position of the door at all times.  The LED's can also be used to test the encoder.  When an encoder is functioning normally, the Green & Yellow LED's will alternately flash back and forth when ever the door is moved, even manually.  If 1 or both LED's fail to illuminate, this indicates the encoder may be bad.  If both LED's are ON solid when the door is manually moved, it may indicate the encoder is disconnected.  Make sure the encoder attached to the motor is plugged into either "ENC A-B (J8)" or "ENC B-A (J9).  Remember these both LED's must flash if the door is moved.  To manually test, have someone slowly move the door, 1-2" per second and the LED should toggle back and forth.
Encoder Channel