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The DS160/161 is a passive-infrared (PIR) detector designed for Request to Exit (REX) interior applications. The technology designed into the DS160/161 is based on the principal that all objects emit infrared energy. The warmer an object is, the more infrared energy emitted. Its PIR technology allows the DS160/161 to detect the change in infrared energy that occurs when a person passes through its field of view. 

The DS160 is default safety device shipped with all our wired automation systems.  It offers excellent range and performance when properly configured.  For a given installation, the DS160 is wired according to which controller is attached to the automation system.


Wiring the Bosch DS160 to a G1/G2 Controller

Wiring the Bosch DS160 to a G2 Controller

G1/G1D DIP Switch Settings
G2 DIP Switch Settings

1: LED Operation - ON(default).  On motion LED turns off.  OFF(LED remains off)
2: Timer Reset Mode - Controller dependent.  ON(G2 Controller).  OFF(G1x Controller)
3: Relay Mode - OFF(default).  
4: Relay Timer - Controller dependent.  OFF(G1x, G2 Controller)
5: Relay Timer - Controller dependent.  OFF(G1x Controller).  ON(G2 Controller)
6: Relay Timer - Controller dependent.  OFF(G1x).  ON(G2 Controller)
7: Signal Processing - ON(default High Sensitivity). OFF(Low Sensitivity)
8: Door Secure Mode - OFF(default)
9: Door Secure Mode - OFF(default)
10: Door Secure Mode - OFF(default)

Self-Tapping Screw & Masking Wedges

The self-tapping screw are to used secure the cover to the base while the masking wedges allow for customized detection patterns.  The self-tapping screw hole is "filled'in" and will need to be drilled out.

Locking Screw

The DS160's sensor can be rotated.  Once the sensor is in position and adjusted, the rotating barrel should be locked in place with the screw provided.  The screw can be located by removing the cover and looking on the sensor side of the unit (opposite the circuit board side).