Typical Installation Tools

RJ45 Cable Checker
Network cable (26/8 flat wire) continuity checker

Flashing numbers indicate a "network" cable does have twisted pairs.
This is 100% ok for our flatwires

GOOD Cable 1:1 - 8:8

Flashing is OK too!

BAD - Reversed

1-8, 2-7, 3-6...8-1

BAD - 1 & 2 Open

BAD - Really bad!

A simple network wire tester is an invaluable tool when running flat wire to accessories or to the controller.  It detects continuity, opens, shorts and crossed RJ45 conductors.  Available at Home Depot and Amazon for about $80 and $45 respectively.
Both testers include at least one remote module enabling the user to test cabling in the wall without an assistant.
The "Klein Scout Pro 2" includes 5 additional modules with unique numeric ID's for network, and coaxial cable testing.  The Scout Jr. only supports RJ45 network testing and 1 remote module.
Both testers are available as regularly stocked items at local Home Depots and Amazon.com.
Klein Scout Pro 2 
Klein Scout Jr.
  • ID multiple wires with 5 remotes
  • For Network, Telephone & Coax 
  • Single remote for 1 wire ID at a time
  • Tests Network Only

IDEC FC4A-PH1 (For G1 and G1D Only)Used to change G1x controller parameters for special installations

Cordless drill / driver
Motor, return pulley, hole cutting etc.

3/8" & 7/16" Open End Wrenches
Turnbuckle belt tension adjustments
Drill bit kit, Paddle Spade Bit Kit
Drilling pilot holes, wire runs, etc

Chisel (for metal)
Used when installing an "inverted" motor kit.

1/8" shim spacers
Motor shimming & Alignment

Extended Phillips Screwdriver Bit
Motor Mount
Useful when driving home the 4 motor mount screws if space is limited
Tape measure
Used during controller initialization / setup
G2 controller requires doors opened to 2-4' during initialization.
6' Jamb Level
For installation & mechanical verification

Allen Wrench Set
For motor encoder use 3/32"
500 Series Motor Encoder screws: 3/32" Alan wrench
Head track hardware

RJ45 Crimper / Stripper
Controller wiring uses RJ45 26/8 telephone grade flat wire
Strips, cuts and terminates RJ45 connectors to 26/8 telephone flat wires
Wire Cutter/Stripper/Crimper
General wiring    

2 1/8" & 1" Hole Saws
Cutting holes for drive belt routing

Pulley Jig
INMOTION tool for cutting head track when using 1/2" return pulley
Used in the head track to cut out the center walls of track 1 & 2 for one-way door installation.  The provided guide holes align with the 1/2" return pulley.  Call service to purchase.Pulley Jig
Dremel Tool w/metal cutting & grinding discs
May be used instead of Pulley Jig to cut head track for return pulley install
If the above jig is not on hand, a Dremel tool with the appropriate cutting bits can be used.
Hammer, Screw Drivers (Philips & Blade), etc
General install tools

Precision Screw Drivers
Wire installation for accessories like motion detectors & G1 controller home automation header
1/8" & 3/32" blade screw drivers for various wiring headers
Bosch DS160 Motion Sensor Wire Headers
G1/G1D Home Automation Header
Bosch DS160 Motion Detector Wire Headers
G1/G1D Home Automation Header